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I don't know what my NULJ code is, what should I do?

NULJ codes do not change over time and will usually be the same one that your library has used throughout its membership of the scheme. You can log in to NULJ and find your library code in the ‘Library details’ section of your account.

If you have any difficulty in locating your NULJ code, please contact us and we will be happy to check our records on your behalf.

Can I get the NULJ database in a different format?

For members using the WinCHILL application, a copy of the WinCHILL version of NULJ is available from the producers of WinCHILL. The NULJ data on WinCHILL is updated once a year (January), after we receive the updates from the participating libraries. For the most current information please use the NULJ web site. For more details contact either WinCHILL or nulj@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

How do I make a request via NULJ

When you log into NULJ, you will be able to search for the journal title that you want an article from. Once you have located a holder for the journal issue concerned, you can fill in the form to give the full details of the article. Please give as many details as possible and, if there is any doubt, check the reference before requesting the article which will make it easier for the supplying library. Supplying libraries will receive an email to inform them that there is a request waiting for them to supply. There are no charges made between libraries for supplying articles.

Can I fax or email a request?

Requests are made through the NULJ system, but if the request is urgent you could phone the library concerned and ask them whether they can respond urgently.

What do we do if we are temporarily unable to supply articles to NULJ members?

You can mark your library as currently unavailable so that requests will not be sent to you.

Whose responsibility is copyright when requesting photocopies through NULJ?

The NULJ scheme sets some rules that govern how the libraries operate towards each other but the way the scheme is implemented at a local level is left up to each individual library. It is also left to the individual library to ensure compliance with copyright legislation or licences.

Each request must be considered individually and compliance with copyright is essential and is always the responsibility of the requesting library.

Will my library be overwhelmed with requests?

It shouldn’t be. The NULJ system is designed to use the information it collects, on who is supplying articles, to rank the libraries in the order of who has supplied least articles. This will help to even out the requests across all the members.




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