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Any UK library supporting NHS staff can join the NULJ scheme.

As the NULJ subscription year runs from January to December, we recommend starting the joining process in the autumn during our renewals process.

The cost of membership from 2019 will be based on how many journal titles each service offers, so the more titles offered, the less you pay. We will not be able to accept membership applications from services which offer fewer than 10 journal titles. For more information on the new pricing structure, including the costs, please see our helpsheet.

To enquire about joining, please contact us and we will be in touch with the details.

Submitting journal holdings information:

Please include as many journal titles as you can. Please list unique or specialist titles not easily available elsewhere. You should have at least 3 years holdings for each title and the current year where possible.

Submitting library details:

In order to join NULJ you must now complete this online form to agree to abide by the ethos and terms and conditions of membership. You will need details of your organisation, the sites that are joining and your organisation's finance department.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or credit/debit card. A PO number is required for us to raise an invoice.




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